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K2 Better Daze Episode 1 Now Live

Snowboard Canada 20th Anniversary Party Video

Such good times! I missed all my old friends. Watch the video to see a bit of what happened

Gone Surfing!

This has been an epic summer for surfing new waves in new places and the next two weeks are no exception. Here’s where I’ll be! Adios


Words Of Wisdom

We have a new series coming soon on called “Words Of Wisdom” so keep in the loop on that and get the scoop from local shreds on how to perform some stunts.

DC Japan Edit Released On King Snow

Here it is! In the flesh. Thanks King Snow and thanks DC

Go Skateboarding Day Part 1

The other day hundreds of skaters in Vancouver took to the streets, barging spots, walls and viaducts all in the name of skateboarding. It was a sick day and definitely so much fun to shoot. Here’s Dane’s edit from Supra, thanks Dane!

Brick/Bye Wedding

Andre and I were brought in to Document Racheal and Sean’s wedding this past weekend alongside Jon Scarth from SBC. It was a good day and a beautiful union. Interview

I was lucky enough to get a little interview on this week. Thanks Sayer and Houghton for the opportunity to get some stuff off my chest! Also thanks to Crispin for the photo. Click to redirect

Subtleties Episode 2, The Switch Boardslide To Switch

The Subleties series is back with the switch Boardslide to Switch being the next topic. Listen to Jake Kuzyk and JP walker to name a few and their opinions on this difficult and often underrated trick

Go Skateboarding Day Vancouver

I’ll be out with Dane and the boys from Supra helping shoot go skateboarding day next Tuesday. If you’re in town make sure you make it out because it’s definitely going to be a super doozy.

Double The Work Double The Fun

Today’s a busy day for me because I’ll be taking off to Tofino next week with Taylor Ricci, from K2 so i want to get as much done now before I go. Stay tuned on for a Simon Chamberlain Rider Rundown, and the 2nd episode of Subtleties. It’s anyone’s guess what this episode’s trick will be, but if you’d like a hint just watch Jake Kuzyk’s ender trick in the past Sandbox video, Now You Know!

Editing “your spot” video

These days I’m working on a fun little edit of Steve and Cory titled “your spot”. Everyone has one in their town. Your own personal warm up rail to session with your buds.

Quiksilver First Photos Video

Andre and I got to go document Wille Lavigne and Chris Rasman judging the Quik first photos contest. These guys were super fun to work with in a good environment for sure. Click and watch

Island Quicky With Kuzyk, Wachniak and Davies

Step Twelve Live In The Living Room

Here’s a quick little video I did for my good friends Andre and Sam from Step Twelve. They have a very cozy living room set up and it made for a nice backdrop for a live from the floor type video.

Mikey Rencz Rider Rundown

Clickit, Checkit!

Inside Out With Classified

Classified video is now posted! Take a look and support some Canadian music.

Classified Shred Day On The Cutting Floor

Go on over to on friday to catch the cut we did from a shred day at Whistler with hip hop artist, Classified!

Whistler Mountain with Classified

Today I took Cory Gallon up Whis and met up with Canadian Rap practitioner, Classified and got to take some turns with him and get the skinny on how he’s livin.

People Crew Releases New Trailer

Some of my good friends are in this project and it’s looking tight!

Mini Countryman Web Commercial

This is a shoot I did with Mike Scott from DC shoes and Mini Yaletown for the illuminate Yaletown festival and a promotional tool for the new countryman vehicle. This was a single day shoot and Mike came through with flying colors.

Special thanks to:

Jay Lefstein, Chris Ongkiko, Seema Dhillon and Seymour Mountain.

Bear paw heli a success!

We Went Surfing

This has been an awfully difficult spring for shooting, with only about 3 sunny days in all of March. When all else fails, go surfing.

Subtleties Series On SBC

I’ve begun a new series with SBC on tricks that are ironically much harder than your average mainstream viewer knows. The first of three is on backside 180’s into powder.


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